Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond solo Amazon Prime series: All we know [Video]

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While The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson and James May have been keeping themselves busy with a series of solo shows, Richard Hammond’s standalone venture still remains somewhat of a mystery.

With tease after tease, the presenter has promised that the new series will be worth waiting for.

But what is it even about?

Will he be teaching us how to make idiotproof recipes like James? Running a farm like Jezza? Well… not quite, in fact he’s being castaway somewhere completely new.

And he’s got a new co-presenter to boot.

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming show.

What is Richard Hammond’s solo series about?

Richard Hammond is taking some inspo from Tom Hanks’ Cast Away for his new series – and will be stranded on a desert island.

Joined by Mythbusters star Tory Belleci, the six-part series will see them navigate life on a deserted island, using their engineering skills and wits to survive it.

‘It will be something really fresh, really brand new,’ Richard told the DriveTribe YouTube …

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