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Googles Question Hub Launches in the US & This Weeks Digital Marketing News [PODCAST] [Video]

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, hosts Greg Finn, Mark Saltarelli, and Jess Budde break down the biggest digital marketing news of the week.

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Google’s Question Hub Launches in the US

Do you think that Google always has the answer for everything? Sometimes that’s not entirely the case.


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Google is aiming to fill in those knowledge gaps with Question Hub – where publishers can submit their website’s content for Google’s unanswered questions.

Searchers are able to tell Google that their question was not answered by Google’s search results, and it will be submitted into Question Hub.

Originally, Google launched Question Hub in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria, but now US publishers and content creators can benefit from this unique product!

YouTube’s Massive Presence on Google News

Making up 11% of all videos on Google …

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