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Google Shopping GTIN Requirements Explained! [Video]

I watched the Google Shopping GTIN requirement video so you don’t have to!

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If you run Ecommerce accounts, you have probably felt the terror of the GTIN requirement Google released. In my experience with this terror, it rests less in the knowledge of the facts around the situation, and more in the fact that there has been little information released around the announcement… until now!

Thankfully, our confusion was heard and Adwords today held a Hangout to discuss only this GTIN requirement. I felt that the information was extremely helpful and will give you the details below.

You can read the original announcement here: GTIN requirements are expanding soon

And as a bonus, there is more information about it here from last September (when GTINs were required for 50 brands): Reach more customers online: Add GTINs to your Google Shopping data feed

You can view the entire hangout here:

Figuring Out the Google Shopping GTIN Requirements


The first thing to note is that a GTIN is a superset …

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