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Google on When It’s Acceptable to Use Intrusive Interstitials [Video]

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Google’s John Mueller speaks on when it’s acceptable to use an intrusive interstitial; something that’s ordinarily devalued in search results.

This topic came up during a Google Webmaster Central hangout held on July 24th.

A site owner asked a series of questions about intrusive interstitials to find out if there’s a way to use them without getting their pages devalued.

Intrusive interstitials take up a significant amount of the page, hence the word “intrusive,” which makes them an effective way to drive conversions.

The problem is users find them annoying, so Google devalues pages with intrusive interstitials on mobile.

As it turns out, there is a way to use them without doing damage to search rankings.

Here’s how Mueller addressed this topic.

Hiding Intrusive Interstitials From Googlebot

The site owner asked Mueller if they could get away with serving intrusive interstitials to direct traffic, and smaller interstitials to organic traffic and Googlebot.

Serving Googlebot with different content than users see is usually …

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