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Google My Business Testimonial Posts By Vancouver WA SEO [Video]

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Google My Business Testimonial Posts By Vancouver WA SEO

Google My Business (GMB) posts are small snippets of information, like a brief advertisement, that display along with all your other Google My Business information in the Google Knowledge Panel. Google has added the Posts feature into GMB as a means for business owners to announce events, products, news, or unique information about their business. It is also a ranking factor for the Google Maps listings, because it represents business activity and outreach. We recommend placing a Google My Business post, at the minimum, every other day. The GMB posts are a perfect opportunity to engage with customers, while improving your brand and visibility in the Google Local Maps listings.

Google My Business Posts For Review Testimonials

Google is now providing even more opportunity to display your business’ Brand and Reputation by adding a new type of GMB post: The testimonial. The testimonial post let you insert your Google Reviews directly into the GMB posts. This now …

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