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Google Launches Holiday Marketing Resources To Help Marketers In Better Customer Engagement [Video]

Google launches a marketing hub for small businesses. It is believed to be full of resources which will help the marketers to stay busy in the shopping season this year. It will be a mini-site that will recommend businesses with reaching shoppers across platforms like Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Maps. According to the data, almost 71% of US adults shop on online platforms, so customer reach will be important for all the online businesses and shops. These shoppers mostly buy form new retailers which are local small businesses. Exactly 66% of the buyers shop from local small businesses

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New Tools

Grow My Store

This tool will rate the customer experience on retailers website and will compare the performal with competitor retailers of same category retail. Google take bit time to generate this report, retailer just have to enter the URL of the online store and the tool will come up …

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