Google Announces Passage-Based Ranking & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [PODCAST] [Video]

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Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are breaking down all the digital marketing news of the week on this week’s Marketing O’Clock podcast.

If you’re unable to listen on Spotify, be sure to catch the video version of the show on the Search Engine Journal YouTube channel.

Google Announces Passage-Based Indexing

Google announced a number of upcoming changes and improvements coming to Search, including the revelation that it will soon be able to identify individual passages on a webpage to surface relevant content in the search results.


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Another change coming soon allows us to identify individual passages in a web page and process them as perhaps being most relevant to a search. We expect this will improve 7% of search queries in Google. #SearchOn

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) October 15, 2020

New Google Shopping Features

Google announced new shopping features that will benefit both shoppers and retailers this upcoming holiday season.

Consumer-Facing …

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Reports of rising retail sales suggest Chinese consumers have shaken off coronavirus worry, but the recovery is by no means complete, and spending that has grabbed headlines masks a deeper malaise


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