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Google Analytics Sesssions – (Everything You Need To Know) [Video]

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Google Analytics Sessions: No, this is not a collection of Google Analytics's greatest guitar-shredding jams!

Sessions are how Google Analytics tracks each time your website visitors come to your site. Understanding sessions can be a bit confusing and figuring out how Google calculates sessions can get even more confusing.

Don't despair. We have created this blog post and the video to clear up any session confusion.

We will explain how Google Analytics sessions are calculated. Then we'll break down how sessions are tracked, and how they impact your analytics.

We'll also show you an advanced strategy you can use to make sure your sessions are tracking correctly.

To round out this session jam, we'll answer a question from one of our Google Analytics Mastery Course students. Noel sent us an excellent question about sessions, hits, and pageviews. Answering Noel's question will help you see how these measurements work together in Google Analytics.

How are Google Analytics sessions calculated?

When a webpage loads in a user's browser …

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