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GMB Changes You Need to Know About [Video]

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Google has made some pretty cool upgrades to GMB (Google my Business) recently. Some of what’s new includes adding more noticeable logos, adding cover photos, creating short ‘@names’ and allowing businesses to instantly reward their customers for following their GMB profiles. 


Another interesting point is that Google have said they’ll be creating digital and physical ‘badges of honour’ to help customers find businesses which are highly rated on GMB.

They announced that they’ll be highlighting the top 5% of businesses in a particular category with the “Local Favourite” badge, which will likely boost click-throughs and visits. Details on the recognition categories are going to be announced in the next few months, so keep an eye on this space. You definitely want one of those badges!

Why Should You Care? 

In general, GMB profiles are coming closer to functioning as actual websites and, increasingly, like social media profiles too. 

What’s more, your customers are using …

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How Guinness World Records got 9M followers and 200M likes on TikTok [video] [Video]

Dan Thorne (Sr. Social Media Manager @ Guinness World Records) spoke at TikTok Marketing Strategies and shares with us the story behind the success of the Guinness World of Records TikTok Channel and how it reached 9m followers and 200m likes You can check out the full video below: Dan Thorne is Guinness World Records Senior Social Media Manager and is responsible for content curation and community management across all GWRs social channels. Since joining the company in 2013, Dan has helped grow GWRs social audience to over 18M followers on Facebook, 6M+ subscribers on YouTube, and almost 10M followers on TikTok. As well as developing GWRs partnerships with Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat, Dan has played a key role in creating and presenting