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Getting Started with the Google Prediction API [Video]

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The Google Prediction API is a Google labs project that can aid you in many types of predictive analysis and content recommendation. The nature of the software makes is difficult to explain exactly what it is and how it works. In fact, Google itself does not even supply concrete definitions, only examples of its uses.

In a nutshell, you supply Google with a file full of historical data points that influence a single “answer” result. Google then applies machine learning techniques to predict a likely future outcome.

The first thing (and very important) is to figure out the “answer” you need to be returned from the prediction API. The answer will be the first data field in your training model and can be thought of as the prediction. There are two types of answers, categorical (text based) and regression (number based). The answer to your scenario might be a radio program name. You should spend a good …

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