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Getting a handle on marketing, public relations & media [Video]

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The essence of public relations is to inform and persuade the public through newspapers, magazines, television, radio and social media sites.

Writing a book takes several months and considerable dedication, then the hard work starts: planning and promotion.

Book publicity is its own animal.

Public awareness is the first step in generating sales. Hiring a good publicist ensures that your reach extends beyond niche audiences, reaching a vast market of potential purchasers.

Marketing is more than advertising, sales and promotion. It’s learning how to become known in the industry, gaining a strong client base and discovering ways to share information that reaches your target audience.

Begin by earning the respect of the media.

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Public relations are there to convince an audience to:

  • promote your idea,
  • purchase your product
  • support your position or
  • recognize your accomplishments.

A public relations specialist is an image-creator; their job is to generate positive publicity, enhancing their client’s reputation.


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