Gephardt: How Fake Amazon Reps Can See Your Bank Account [Video]

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The pandemic forced Amazon to delay its biggest annual sale event this year, but Prime Day is now set to happen next week.

Many Amazon shoppers are already preparing for the big sale, and so are the fraudsters. A Utah woman recently got caught up in a twist on the tech support scam when her internet search on how to return items on Amazon led to thieves getting access to her bank account.

Mandi Durocher bought candles off Amazon that went unused for her wedding. She had never returned anything to Amazon before.

“I just ‘Googled’ Amazon customer service and the number that came up, it had a number and it said Amazon next to it and just a little call button. So, I called it,” Durocher said.

Once connected, she was instructed to download an app that would allow the rep on the phone to see her phone.

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