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Full Workshop: Content Strategy & Information Architecture [Video]

Full Workshop: Content Strategy & Information Architecture

This week we released our new course Web Design: Becoming a Professional, and today I want to give you a taste of the quality and depth we go into in the course.

So I’m giving you access to a full hour of video on the topic of Content strategy & Information architecture.

… and this is just the tip of the iceberg as we have so much more than video content inside the course:

– Exercises and practice files
– 2 Course projects
– Coaches to review your work
– Live events
– Resources and tools
– Monthly challenges
– And more!

Are you ready to transform your whole career? Join us here:


00:00 Introduction: Content Strategy
01:19 Content Strategy vs. Information Architecture
01:45 What is content strategy
02:00 Information architecture
02:17 How we do it
02:40 First step: Do your prep
03:38 Second step: Brainstorm and discuss content, tone, SEO
04:33 Third step: Sort and group to pages
06:28 Fourth step: How to structure the content
08:27 The web structure tool: Site Map
09:08 The web structure: The non-fancy way
10:15 Sitemap labeling matter
10:40 Types of structure
13:16 One page vs multi-page
17:20 Common web components
17:36 Homepage: purpose and structure
20:48 Navigation: purpose and best practices
25:00 Global vs Local Navigation
27:00 Using breadcrumbs
28:00 Do you need a search function?
29:10 Hero section
31:40 Testimonials
34:00 The logo bar
36:00 Pricing table
38:20 Product page
40:30 Checkout page
44:20 Forms
45:00 Contact page
46:58 Footer
48:48 Content development process
49:10 Do the heavy lifting for them
50:10 Ask for approval
50:30 Copywriting tips
53:40 Proofread
55:07 How I do a site map
59:00 Summary

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