From YouTuber to Online Ecommerce Teacher [Video]

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Marc Nieto is a young university student, YouTuber, basketball player, and entrepreneur from Barcelona. He likes to make the most out of his time and seize every second of his day.

Marc’s a multifaceted person, willing to explore the unknown, which has taken him to the world of dropshipping. Now, he runs his own ecommerce business with sales between €5,000 and €6,000 each month. Read on to learn about his story!

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His Beginnings: From YouTuber to Online Ecommerce Teacher

We can trace Marc’s career back to YouTube, where he opened a mobile gaming channel six or seven years ago. He was one of the first Spanish YouTubers in this field, so his follower count multiplied.

But, as years went by, he lost interest in the gaming industry. His curiosity for entrepreneurship and desire to reinvent himself outgrew that world. He was searching …

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