Frequent flyer points should be saved until after travel returns [Video]

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Frequent flyer points should be saved for when travel returns to normal instead of being spent on reward programs to get the best value for money.

Australians are being tempted into spending their valuable points on gift cards and other material items, but experts say this diminishes the profit of your points.

Redeeming your points for flights over material items can give buyers up to ten times the value per point.

Steve Hui, the CEO of iFLYflat, believes hanging onto your points while travel is restricted is the way to go.

'You might be tempted because you have heaps of points, but if you hold back you will be rewarded with flights in the future,' he told News Corp.

Despite travel restrictions, Australians are still earning loads of frequent flyer points amid the online shopping boom of the pandemic.

But a large quantity of points does not mean you should spend them, …

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