Featuring 3D garments and ambient generative soundtracks, here are five of our fave fashion sites [Video]

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If we’re being totally honest with ourselves, a lot of our time online is spent shopping, or at least window shopping. Wasting your time (and potentially your money) scrolling through pages of products is a huge part of living in the internet age, and if recent times are anything to go by, it’s a sector which is only going to grow.

On the whole, though, the sites which house these products are fairly run of the mill; you know what to expect. So when something comes along which disrupts that expectation, it can be pretty fun. Below, we chat to the creators of five fashion sites which do exactly that.

Super Bureau:

Based in New York City, Super Bureauis a design studio led by Belinda Chen and Andrew Kupresanin. It works across branding, art direction and design but also takes on digital and UX design projects, one of which was for the Virtual Fashion Archive – …

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