Fear the Communist Party Not U.S. Delisting [Video]

Shares of Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent took a hit on news that a new law could potentially kick Chinese companies off of U.S. exchanges.

But not a huge hit … and they actually gained this week when the bill passed unanimously.

So why aren’t investors more worried?

The truth is, that’s not the big risk for Chinese stocks … and it’s not too late to profit from them.

But as I explain in today’s video, there are risks to these investments. They’re just lurking closer to home…

Be Smart About Chinese Stocks

Watch this week’s video to find out why the real danger to China’s greatest stock market success stories is the Communist Party in Beijing.

You’ll also discover:

  • In a rare unanimous vote, Congress passed a law that could see Chinese companies thrown out of U.S. stock market exchanges. Hear why that’s not a reason to sell stocks that might be affected. (0:56-5:17)
  • How Beijing’s best attempts to lose friends and alienate …

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American entrepreneur Rachel Tipograph is the co-founder of MikMak, one of the fastest-growing woman-led startups of 2020-21.