FBI Warns of Surge in Fraudulent Shopping Websites [Video]

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Victims Drawn to Malicious Sites Advertising Low Prices (@prajeetspeaks) • August 4, 2020    

FBI Warns of Surge in Fraudulent Shopping Websites

The FBI has issued an alert warning that cybercriminals are creating fraudulent websites that mimic popular e-commerce sites.

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The alert notes that victims are being lured with offers placed on social media platforms and search engines for desirable products, such as face masks, at low prices. These offers then link to the fraudulent websites.

"Victims purchased items from these websites because prices were consistently lower than those offered by other online retail stores, and many of the websites used content copied from legitimate sites and often shared the same contact information," according to Monday's alert.

Those targeted by these scams have reported not receiving purchased items or receiving face masks even if they ordered something else, according to the FBI. When consumers complained, they …

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