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Facing Imposter Syndrome as a Social Media Freelancer (You’re Not A Fraud!) [Video]

Facing Imposter Syndrome as a Social Media Freelancer (You’re Not A Fraud!)

Imposter syndrome, negative thoughts, and being around the crowd can stunt your growth as a freelancer and growing your business. Watch this video if you would like authentic tips to help you overcome imposter syndrome as a social media marketing or digital marketing freelancer.

I started my business, Digital Sargeant, at the beginning of the pandemic and when I was essentially at rock bottom. I quickly realized that if I wanted to build a legacy social media marketing agency or digital marketing agency, I would need to tackle my mindset first.

It was when I started to build a strong system to eliminate the window of doubting myself that I was able to accomplish more and really begin to grow my business.

If I neglected to work on this behavior, then comments like the one featured in this video from a random person on TikTok would have stunted my growth and essentially brought me to rock bottom.

The purpose of this video is to help any social media marketing freelance or digital marketing freelancer who is starting from zero or who is trying to build their business while battling imposter syndrome and negativity overcome it and become stronger.

0:00 The inspiration behind this video
0:24 What is imposter syndrome
0:44 Introduction
1:28 My story of imposter syndrome as a freelancer starting from zero
3:05 The results of working on imposter syndrome
3:42 Tip 1 for overcoming imposter syndrome
4:42 Tip 2 for overcoming imposter syndrome
5:27 Tip 3 for overcoming imposter syndrome
6:25 Tip 4 for overcoming imposter syndrome
7:20 The results of working on imposter syndrome
7:50 Why tackling imposter syndrome right away is important
9:11 Book a call with me if you’re going through imposter syndrome and want to talk

I became a digital marketing freelancer in May of 2020 with the main mission to start replacing missing income due to the downfall of our economy. I applied everything I learned from 10 years of working in the digital marketing industry to my freelance business.

Digital Sargeant went from essentially starting at 0 to a small digital marketing agency in just 7-months.

Now, I coach other freelancers through the transformation of just starting as a freelancer to a thriving freelance business.

All freelancers go through the same challenges, we’re all trying to get clients, price our services, grow our business, and everything in between.

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PS: This entire video was made from my iPhone!

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