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Facebook Video Ads: 10 Examples to Help You Beat Your Competition

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Facebook video examples

These days, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to achieve great results with video ads on Facebook. In a few years ago it was sufficient to launch any kind of video ads to catch people’s attention, now you should be more original, professional and resource-intensive.

How do you stand up against the competition and create eye-catching Facebook video ads? Here are 10 great examples to watch and learn from.

Show product features in the most creative way

When it comes to showcasing one’s product, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for it. You can probably wrap your head around how guys from GoPro do it. After all, they are all about extreme sports or actions, and their videos are full of drive. Seems like all they have to do is just ask their users to send their wildest videos – and a Facebook video ad is ready.

But what about less creative industries, like IT? How do they approach this …

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