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Facebook Organic Marketing: Is It Dead?

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If the experts are to be believed, then the Facebook organic reach decline 2020 situation has already arrived. In other words, the organic marketing efforts of Facebook marketers can be said to be falling on deaf ears! From what they have experienced, it is not the case that Facebook organic reach 2020 has seen a decline with a lack of engagement. In fact, it has been like this for the past few years. A couple of years to say the least.   

There happen to be Facebook Marketing arenas that are actually frustrating. Things that used to work earlier, don’t seem to be working anymore. Organic marketing is certainly one of these. What the business owners are actually worried about is the frequency of changes taking place. The irony being, Facebook continues to be the primary channel for many marketers out there.

Answering the why?

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It can be said that this fall in the organic Facebook reaches started back in 2014. Facebook’s then VP of Advertising Technology Brian Boland …

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