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Facebook/Instagram Retargeting Ads – Complete Blueprint from START to Finish(BONUS EXAMPLE INCLUDED) [Video]

Facebook/Instagram Retargeting Ads – Complete Blueprint from START to Finish(BONUS EXAMPLE INCLUDED)

In this video I’m going to share with you how I do my Facebook Retargeting Ads – from start to finish. The formula which I’m going to teach you helps me generate +7 ROAS at a very low budget (Exactly what everyone needs)

Do you want to know this formula and how I perfect my Retargeting Campaigns? It works for any business, be it dropshipping or your very own branded Ecommerce store. It’s the best Retargeting formula out there! And today I’m going to share with you my formula for a perfect Retargeting Ad.


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The cheapest source of getting conversions are retargeting advertisements.

Why are retargeting campaigns so powerful?
The answer is simple.
People have already shown interest in our product/service. Moreover, with so many advanced tools these days, you can exactly target those who perform a certain action on your ads or on our website.

Some awesome Variations of impactful retargeting ads.
1. Testimonials
Having social proof is necessary to increase the conversion rate. Your existing customer reviews can be highly rewarding to gain this trust. Upon noticing hundreds of people already benefiting from your product/service, people would feel confident about your product and the conversion rate would surely go up.

How can you use these reviews?
Image/Video testimonials – Content showing your customers actually using your products works the best. It gives your audience a feeling that the customer liked the product so much that he took his time out to create a video of himself giving a review about the product.

Testimonial Carousels – You can use the above reviews in your ad in the form of a carousel. Pro tip: Mix both image and videos in the same carousel for the best results.

Comment is the Content – Ask your customers/users to raid the comment section of your ad/post and describe IN DEPTH what they really feel about your product/service.
A typical example of awesome comment game is Vaibhav Sisinity’s Linkedin 5 Day Workshop –

How can you ask for reviews from your customers? Why will they take out time to give you their feedback?

1. Super Happy/ Super Sad Customers
Getting feedback from these types of customers is extremely easy. People tend to give reviews either when they are delighted or when they are upset. The middle ground, so to speak, tends to remain fairly silent.

2. Attractive Offers – Offer discount coupons or free shipping if your customers provide feedback.
3. Get Featured – You can give your customers a chance to get featured in your monthly newsletter or on your different social platforms.

2. Use 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ along with the no. of reviews

3. Objection busting ads
Customers can have different objections for the product they are viewing due to which they leave the product. There might be some points which your customers feel are missing and should have been mentioned in your product description.
Why not create a Retargeting Ad Campaign busting all these objections?

4. Discount ads
When online shopping, customers can feel that the product is too expensive and end up abandoning their carts.
So why not offer them some discounts? A good strategy can be to create a new Discounted Retargeting ad campaign offering a sweet discount or free shipping or other attractive offers.

Some discount examples:
Free Express Shipping
Extra 15% OFF
Buy X and Get Y free
Additional Discount on top of the previous – 20% OFF 30% OFF: If you were on the fence before, the extra 5 percent offered might just push you over the edge.
Mystery Deals – Surprise your customers with different discounts/offers
Loyalty Cards
Free Workshop

5. Urgency & scarcity
Retargeting ads having an urgency without a doubt have increased conversions.
Limited time offers
Flash sales
Stock finishing soon
Golden hour discount – All products have an extra 10% discount only for that particular hour.

6. Emphasize on the benefits( Features tell but benefits sell)
Try to build an emotional connection with the customers, your ad should speak what they want to hear. How can your customers benefit from your product should be highlighted in your sales pitch.

7. Do not use the same ad copy you used earlier

That’s it! Comment how this strategy helped drive up your sales 🙂

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