Facebook & Instagram Ads Course – Lesson 9: Audience Creation [Video]

Facebook & Instagram Ads Course – Lesson 9: Audience Creation

This Facebook and Instagram advertising course is made for ecommerce advertising beginners. It will cover everything you need to know, from properly setting up your account to creating an ads strategy and launching your first facebook or instagram ad.

Facebook and Instagram are a great place to start your paid media marketing and this course will give you all of the tools you need to exponentially grow your ecommerce business.

0:00 — Audience Creation
0:27 — Audience Refresher
5:17 — Audience Creation Walk-through
16:36 — Additional Audience Notes

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Future of eCommerce: Metaverse & NFTs? [Video]

I have been obsessed with learning about NFT's and the Metaverse over the past few weeks/ months. I truly believe that it will change the way we think about, and do, eCommerce.Majority of NFT and metaverse projects i've came across are pump & dumps taking advantage of the new folks who are exploring and learning. Together, we will find where the real value and opportunity lies within the NFT and metaverse space that's growing rapidly.________________Join the Micro-Brand Accelerator to duplicate our seven figure blueprint and start your own eCommerce Brand so you can live life on your own terms: My New VLOG CHANNEL