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Facebook Influencer Series Event Recap [Video]

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yellowHEAD was honored to be the only Israeli agency to attend Facebook’s Influencer Series event last week at their headquarters in Menlo Park. The event brought together top agencies and introduced them to Facebook strategies, roadmaps, culture, and the spirit of Silicon Valley.

With a lineup of Facebook elites, the talks focused on a variety of topics, some of which included:

  • Commerce marketing: how the industry is currently growing, and which markets are showing opportunities & growth due to development (spoiler alert – it’s APAC, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe)
  • Instagram becoming the biggest marketplace for commerce with their new Checkout and the connection between creators/influencers, brands, and users
  • WhatsApp’s ability to create a community and connect people to businesses
  • Facebook Messenger becoming a great platform for lead generation
  • Privacy and security continuing to be a strong focus to ensure trust within users

The list of speakers consisted of:

  1. Gene Alston, VP of Partnerships, GMS, Facebook
  2. David Fischer, CRO, Facebook
  3. Maxine …
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