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FaceBook Business Page Tutorial 2021 (UPDATED NEW INTERFACE) [Video]

FaceBook Business Page Tutorial 2021 (UPDATED NEW INTERFACE)

Learn how to create a professional facebook business page for your business! In this facebook business page tutorial, ill walk you through the basics of creating a professional facebook page for your business step by step!

Links I Mentioned

Canva Free: https://darrelwilson.com/canva
Envato Elements: https://darrelwilson.com/envato-elements
Fiverr: https://www.darrelwilson.com/fiverr


00:00 Intro
01:42 Creating A Facebook Page
08:50 Adding Information
14:55 Creating Posts
18:30 Facebook Business Suite
20:51 General Settings For Page
22:49 Facebook Posting Strategies
26:56 Final Remarks

Thanks for watching party people! Feel free to visit my website at https://www.darrelwilson.com

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