Explained: Why Chinese celebrities are boycotting H&M and Nike [Video]

Written byRahel Philipose, Edited by Explained Desk | Panaji |March 29, 2021 8:41:11 am

Shoppers stand outside an H&M clothing store in Shanghai, China (AP Photo/Chen Cici)

Over the last week, at least 40 high profile Chinese celebrities cancelled lucrative sponsorship contracts and brand partnerships with a number of foreign-owned clothing brands, including H&M and Nike, over Western allegations of forced labour and human rights violations by Chinese authorities in the contentious Xinjiang region.

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Since then, China’s top ride-hailing apps have dropped Swedish fashion label H&M from its listings, and the company’s products disappeared overnight from major Chinese e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and, AP reported. The brand’s smartphone app went missing from app stores soon after.

Chinese tech giant Tencenteven went as far as removing costumes designed by Burberry, another brand caught up in the conflict, from a popular mobile phone game. Many …

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