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Expert Strategies to Make Online Teaching a Success [Video]

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In this interview with Courtney Ostaff, author of The Teaching Online Handbook (John Catt Educational), learn about applying best practices in online education and how it intersects with classic methods.

While many educators found themselves only recently immersed in online learning because of the pandemic, Ostaff has been engaged in online teaching for the past 20 years. Some of her early interest started from the necessity of raising children and teaching in a homeschool environment. But soon, her curiosity, understanding, and empathy grew for the benefits of online education. Today, she has found success in teaching and interacting with the members of the Well-Trained Mind Academy’s online teaching community.

Success in online education has the added component of learning to trust the parents inside the learning equation. It differs from in-class learning, where the teaching relationship is often separated from parents. Virtual learning depends heavily on connections forming with the parents of students. By regularly creating expectations and well-planned out advance scheduling, families become set-up …