Expert on Amazon tribes is shot dead with an arrow by indigenous people [Video]

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A leading expert on Amazon tribes was shot dead with an arrow fired by indigenous people while approaching them in a remote area of Brazil

Rieli Franciscato, 56, was the head of a programme to protect indigenous groups that have little or no contact with the outside world.

He died on Wednesday in the Seringueiras region, a remote municipality in the northern state of Rondonia, said a statement from the Brazilian government's indigenous affairs office, FUNAI, where he worked. 

Witnesses said he was shot above the heart with an arrow while monitoring recent appearances by a tribe known as the 'Cautario River isolated group,' according to a photojournalist in the region, Gabriel Uchida.

Rieli was accompanied by a police patrol and a former head of FUNAI said their presence could have triggered the attack. 

When the party came under fire with arrows, they ran to take shelter behind a vehicle, but …

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