Estate Planning Attorney Reacts: Tony Hsieh, eCommerce Mogul, Passes without a Will – Anderson Advisors [Video]

Estate planning attorney Michael Bowman, Esq. explains why we all need estate planning and why so many people avoid it.

Recently, Tony Hsieh passed away in an unfortunate and tragic accident, and this news kind of sparked one of those things that we have to deal with quite a bit being in the estate planning field. 

The fact is, we’ve got too many clients who pass away without having announced estate plans. Not to mention all the celebrities who have passed without any estate plans in place — Prince, Kurt Cobain, Howard Hughes, just to name a few. 

What we’ve seen with those estates is that it just causes unnecessary strife and hardship on the people left behind to pick up the pieces. 

It was recently reported that Tony Hsieh possibly died without a will, and he is worth about $840 million. So, what I wanted to do today was …

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