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Episode #92: An Introduction to EGIA and EPIC2021 [Video]

Episode #92: An Introduction to EGIA and EPIC2021

As the Vice President of Marketing & Member Services, Jeff spearheads the strategy and directs the execution of EGIA’s overall member experience, external communications and membership growth initiatives.

Jeff leads the team responsible for identifying, planning, and implementing EGIA’s various member benefit offerings including Contractor University training programs, Contractor Marketplace product, and service discounts, Snapshot Survey industry-wide research reports, and more. He oversees the EGIA marketing department, as well as the teams responsible for events, membership sales, membership partnerships, and member account management. He is the point-person tasked with building and maintaining EGIA as the largest and most successful contractor membership group in North America.

Prior to joining EGIA in 2007, Jeff worked at Liquid Agency, one of Silicon Valley’s leading brand marketing agencies, where he managed high-level marketing and branding initiatives for clients such as Intel, Logitech, LSI, Adidas, and Visa. Jeff graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration.

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