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Episode 7 – The Power of Radio for Public Sector Marketing [Video]

Building public trust and engagement in the Digital Age

I began my career as a broadcast journalist and I am fortunate to work with the commercial radio sector in Ireland as a digital transformation and social media trainer. I’ve seen the sector evolve over two decades and right now their role has never been more relevant as they are the most trusted medium.

In this episode, we are discussing how to build public trust and engagement in the Digital Age using the power of radio.

81% of people in Ireland listen to radio every day. This translates into 3.2 million weekday listeners.

More than half tune into their local or regional station and 43% listen to a national station. Among the younger, 15 to 34-year market, 71% listen daily.

There is no doubt that radio is a key partner for government and public sector agencies.

In this show I bring you behind the scenes of a recent webinar I …

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