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Episode 3 – The Role of Senior Leaders on Social Media [Video]

Are you a CEO or a senior leader in government or public sector?

What’s your opinion of social media and its relevance to your role? How about your senior management team and subject matter experts across various departments – do they have a part to play?

My own view is that it’s not a question ‘if?’ but ‘when and how’?

In this episode, I’m going to explore this topic in greater detail.

I’m going to share:

  • > why CEOs should step up on social media;
  • > how leadership can change public opinion online;
  • > the role social media plays in managing the media narrative more effectively and;
  • > why social media bridges the trust gap between public servants, politicians and the public.

I also share best practice examples of leaders from across the world who we should look to for inspiration.

You’ll even get access to my free webinar on the role of senior leadership on social media.



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