Video Content Marketing

Episode 286: Why You Need a Personal Story [Video]

In the 286th episode of the Mail-Right Show, Robert Newman and Jonathan Denwood discussed using narrative-based content to sell or generate leads on various digital lead-generation platforms. The episode focuses on what it means to connect with people and use your narrative so that your brand identity resonates with your audience regardless of the market you’re targeting.

The Importance of Storytelling

Storytelling is a critical component of inbound marketing. It’s when you answer people’s questions so thoroughly that they feel compelled to contact you. Certain marketing firms, such as Ylopo, employ just a minimal amount of narrative. They do video in the form of advertisement listings, but they only scratch the surface when creating a compelling narrative for their audience. 

Inbound marketing with effective narratives is more common than most people realize; it’s as simple as a website’s About Page or Bio. Most realtors waste these pages on their website by creating boring, run-of-the-mill …

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