Entrepreneur Andrew Hristo Travels The World While Running His Online Businesses [Video]

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Andrew Hristo is a successful young businessman who has been traveling the world and running multiple six-figure companies from his laptop since graduating from the University of Miami. This highly motivated 25-year-old entrepreneur from South Australia has been hustling the online marketplace since he was just 13. He's currently involved in numerous ventures, including a social media marketing agency, an e-commerce enterprise, and an online mentorship program.

The "laptop lifestyle," as Andrew puts it, is the flexibility to be your own boss while pursuing the lifestyle you want by working from anywhere in the world. Andrew knew from a young age that he wanted to work for himself and has always had a good understanding of business and technology. He also dreamed of the freedom to be able to travel whenever he wanted, and so decided to pursue a career that would allow and support that dream.

Mr. Hristo has …

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