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Engagement through Social Media and Inbound Marketing

New Hampshire Film Festival

Case Studies — Social Media

To introduce a new social media platform, engage followers, and provide value to current and future sponsors.

The New Hampshire Film Festival came to Vital Design with three inbound marketing goals. 1) To engage new social networks without detracting from the value of their established Facebook and Twitter communities, 2) to provide followers with a simple way to build anticipation and join the conversation about the Festival, and 3) to extend their social media reach by providing value to current and future sponsors.

Reach new and existing social media followers

Leverage Instagram

  • Vital and NHFF selected Instagram because it is popular on both Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Instagram is also easily integrated with other popular social networks including Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.
  • Instgram’s focus on visual storytelling was a perfect fit for the NHFF’s event social media.

Connect to attendees using the simple hashtag #NHFF

  • Vital Design chose to use the simple #NHFF with no date …
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