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Engagement, Ideal Clients, and Hashtags | Ask Me Anything [Video]

Engagement, Ideal Clients, and Hashtags | Ask Me Anything

This is it! Our weekly conversation about all things branding and marketing. On deck is conversations about: Engagement, Ideal Clients, and Hashtags. I’m also answering LIVE questions, so let’s get this party started!

00:00 Hello + Welcome
01:25 Get Followers to Ask Questions
02:41 Not All Questions Are Equal
03:48 How To Model Questions
04:44 How To Pick Content for Ads
05:54 Ad Strategy Objectives
07:15 Can You Target Multiple Ideal Clients?
07:52 Speak to One
10:40 Should Your Profile Picture Be You?
13:01 Direct Messages Lead to Growth
15:14 A Relevant Hashtag Strategy
18:26 Engaging with Ideal Clients
19:41 Should You Add Hashtags to Old Posts
20:40 If You’re Tired and Overwhelmed
23:30 Change Your Belief System
25:40 Rethink The Way You Spend Time
27:10 Final Thoughts

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