Embed Google review on Squarespace [Video]

Embed Google review on Squarespace

Want to win the trust of your potential customer and convert them into your loyal customers?
There is an easy way to achieve this task, provide them with the reviews of your product and help them in their buying decision.

Embed Google reviews ( into your website and make your website interactive and engaging. Provide your visitors ease to read the public opinion about your business without them leaving your website window. It is easy and effective. Just follow these easy steps and take your business to new heights.

People trust Google reviews because the reviews on the platform are from genuine users, and it helps people in their buying decision.

Embedded reviews on the website make your website more engaging; the potential customer would like to read more about your brand; hence, he will scroll through the reviews and read most of the opinions.

In this video guide, you will learn how to Embed Google Review on Squarespace.

Let’s begin!

Sign up to Tag embed, or, if you already have an account, you can use your, Google or, Facebook login.

Or simply fill in your credentials. And login to your account.

It will redirect you to your, Tag embed dashboard window.

Click on, Create Widget button on the top right corner of your screen.

Give appropriate name to your Widget on, Create Widget pop-up.

Now click on, Create Widget button.

Click on, Add Feed button.

A pop up window will open to select, Source for reviews.
Tag embed is even compatible with many social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more.

Click on, Google, to choose it as your source.

You have two options to fetch Google reviews.

Places, collects five Google Reviews of your business.

While My Places, gathers all the Reviews, from Google my business account. But for that, you
have to authorize your Google My Business account.

For this video, we will be choosing, Places.

Click on, Create Feed button.


Your screen will be displaying the most popular 5 Google reviews of your business.

You can customize your wall, by clicking on, Personalize, present on the left of your screen.

You can choose a theme for your wall. Select the theme that you think best suits your style.

Change your background.

Design or Upload your banner.

Provide appropriate moderations to your card size. Make all customizations according to the style of your website.

Make further modifications to your feed.

And click on, Apply settings.

Good Job!

Now its time to embed these reviews on your Squarespace

Click on, Embed Widget button.

Tag embed provides many platforms too, embed google reviews, such as Shopify, Wix, HTML, and others.

Click on Squarespace to select it as your platform.

A pop-up will appear in front of your dialog box allows you to adjust the height and width of your widget according to your preference.

Set the width in percentage % and Height in pixels 800 Px by clicking on Fixed for better exposure

Click on, Update Code Button, to get the personalized code.

Copy the code.

Navigate to the Square Space Website, Click on EDIT

Click on +Add/Edit Block on the page.

A pop will open on the right side to click on Copy Code

You will see, script disabled but don’t worry
Simply save the page by clicking DONE at the top left corner to see the changes.
Congratulations!!! You have successfully embedded Facebook Feed on the Squarespace website.

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