Email Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing [Video]

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Affiliate marketing helps generate over 16% of all ecommerce orders in the US. While this is encouraging, it can be combined with email marketing strategies for even more benefits. Email marketing is great because it helps build brand trust and confidence with your customers. In turn, this can improve conversions, sales, and commissions. With this in mind, which email marketing platforms should affiliates use? 

Look for These 5 Features When Choosing Affiliate Marketing Software

Obviously, you’ll need to think about your overall marketing goals and budget when implementing email marketing strategies. Although these aren’t the only factors you’ll need to consider, make sure your affiliate marketing software features the following:

1. Email Builder. The interface should be simple to use and enable an abundance of personalization.

2. Tracking & Reporting. Follow-ups should be sent to increase the amount of orders placed. However, frequency should be consistent.

3. Segmentation. The most …

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