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Elon Musk Opens Up Dialogue About Tesla Advertising [Video]


Published on July 23rd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


By Johnna Crider, in collaboration with Zach Shahan

Elon Musk recently opened up a dialogue about Tesla advertising and marketing when he responded to CleanTechnica on Twitter saying, “At some point, we should probably do advertising as art/communication/entertainment & to support high-quality media.” This dialogue included many of the community’s talented photographers and videographers sharing some of their media. It also created conversations regarding broader education for EVs and busting Tesla myths.

Please EDUCATE people through advertising. I can recite my elevator speeches on road trips, charging time, battery life etc. in my sleep because I say them so often. If Tesla myths were debunked sales would go through the roof.

— Doggiewumpus (@Doggie_wumpus) July 21, 2020

This got me to thinking. As an artist, I love making and creating things and usually let my own art speak for itself. Sharing on Twitter and writing …

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