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Elementor Tutorial for Beginners 2022 – The Easiest Way to Make a WordPress Website [Video]

Elementor Tutorial for Beginners 2022 – The Easiest Way to Make a WordPress Website

In this Elementor tutorial for beginners, I’ll walk you through every single step of creating a beautiful new WordPress website โ€” with ZERO coding! Elementor is by far my favorite way of creating a website for any business, portfolio or personal project, just because of how easy it is to master.

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Intro & Overview 00:00
Webhosting & Domain Name 01:08

Basic WordPress Setup
WordPress Installation 03:50
WordPress Dashboard Overview 04:35
WordPress User Setup 05:03

Install Elementor
Install Plugin 05:45
Elementor Website Templates 06:45

Building Website
Choosing Website Template 07:30
Elementor Overview 08:30

Building Homepage 11:48
Making Homepage Responsive 47:17

Customize About Page 50:10
Making About Page Responsive 56:53

Customize Services Page 57:54
Making Services Page Responsive 01:03:25

Customize Contact Page 01:04:05
Making Contact Page Responsive 01:06:50

Customize Header & Footer 1:11:00

So that’s how you physically bring a website to life. But what should go ON your website exactly??
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Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase through one of our partners we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Read our full affiliate, advertising and privacy policy here.

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Intro to Linkedin Paid Ads Series [Video]

First, why Linkedin paid ads?Linkedin Paid Ads is an amazing channel if you are looking to grow your business, carve out a new lead generation source, or even get more value/ROI out of your existing channels. Let me explainOne of the main reasons people love advertising on Linkedin is because of the precise targeting abilities.With google search, you are at the mercy of the phrases you bid on and have to guess intent. With Facebook, you really have to import your own audience or create lookalikes because their native targeting is a bit rudimentary. You can really just play with a handful of self-given titles and interested which can be almost impossible to create any soft of B2B quality traffic that is worth paying for. With Linkedin, the native filters you have at your disposal are actually pretty great. You can target by position title, seniority level, industry, company size, geography, job function, group members, interests, and even how active they are on the platform. The next reason people love the platform is that itโ€™s probably the single best platform where decision-makers and leaders intentionally come to be influenced on buying decisions. Often people to go Facebook to be entertained (or outraged), twitter to see clever clap-backs, or Tik Tok to laugh. But when the average company owner logs into LinkedIn, they are usually either looking to grow a network that benefits their business or learn from other experts things and opinions and services that can help grow their business. Many donโ€™t realize that Linkedin retargeting is not just limited to traffic that was generated by Linkedin Ads initially. You can in fact choose not to run Linkedin Cold Ads, and instead, simply use it to enhance your ad spend on other channels such as retargeting a highly profitable google search campaign with Linkedin ads to pick up a few more conversions as a great price. Most people I talk to actually know they should be leveraging Linkedin but just havenโ€™t made the jump yet, are unsure how best to get started, or havenโ€™t found the right partner/strategy to feel good about moving forward. Close larger deals and improve the quality of traffic/prospects you attract. The final good reason Iโ€™ll give you for now about why Linkedin is just the sheer quality you will attract. To be completely honest, the price per click is higher, the cost per lead is higher, and the cost per booked call can be higher as well. For many, this realization is what ends up making them stall or stop the journey and they donโ€™t get to the next realization which is - Linkedin clicks, leads, and booked calls are HIGHER QUALITY. I challenge any real business or marketer to judge a channel based on the revenue generated, the size of the deals generated, and the quality of the new clients it brings vs just surface metrics such as cost per click, leads, or even conversions. So what kind of content/episodes will you be putting out?Ok, so now that you think Linkedin is not such a bad channel and I have your interest (all 2 of you), letโ€™s go through what kind of content here you might be seeing if you stick around. Education first. No joke, I plan to do a complete walkthrough of all of my Linkedin Ads knowledge. From A-Z of what it is, how to think about it, most common questions, and then into how to set it up 101 style, how to improve/optimize, and then finally into some of the most advanced tactics you didnโ€™t even know existed that have worked on global tech companies and scrappy startups alike. Top Growth hacks for Linkedin advertising Growth hacks sounds a bit too trendy, but Iโ€™ll share best practices and little tips and tricks that have helped hundreds to improve their ads campaigns. Linkedin paid ads audits. I regularly will conduct audits of client accounts and will share those with you throughout this so you can start to see the trend of common mistakes and opportunities. Our own Linkedin Paid Ads account. -Yes, we practice what we preach with a healthy Linkedin ads budget for ourselves and traceable monthly revenue from this channel to prove it. Final Question of the day - Who the heck am I and who the heck is Impactable?Hey there! If you made it this far, you might be wondering who I am and if you should bother listening to my advice/opinion about Linkedin ads. My name is Justin Rowe and Iโ€™m the Founder and CMO of Impactable which used to be Liknlearn before we were acquired by a data-heavy investor. I started a Linkedin Lead Generation business that evolved into a Linkedin advertising/marketing business over the years which exploded in growth. Weโ€™ve worked with 1,000+ companies in 30+ countries and actually became the #1 ranked LinkedIn expert on Upwork which is an RFP/freelancer platform (the worldโ€™s largest actually). My company was recently acquired by an investor who owns a series of companies whose backgrounds range from business intelligence, marketing intelligence, and data.