EFTs and E-Wallets make online shopping in Africa easier and accessible [Video]

Excerpt: Africa is heralding in new technology enabling a more inclusive and accessible way to do business using the digital space.

The world is ever-changing and, so is the sector your business operates in. You don’t just need data to keep track of trends that are shaping the economy – you need the expertise to turn that data into valuable insights and sustainable growth opportunities that will unlock your business’ potential.

In the Absa Insights podcast series, The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield engages in conversation with the bank's Chief Digital Officer about financial ecosystem innovation in South Africa and the Continent as a whole and the exponential growth digital growth.

Africa has become a hotspot for financial ecosystem innovations

South Africa is seeing exponential growth of all things digital. New technology and innovation, such as digital payments platforms are creating an improved and more integrated consumer experience.

Digital payments through e-commerce have taken off on the African continent, even going so far as positioning …

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