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Easy Email Marketing For Music Artists [Video]

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easy email marketing for music artists

This Podcast episode is related to an article that I did previously called email marketing for musicians

I strongly recommend that any musician reading this blog post to go back and check out that posts. This article is very detailed and I go in debt on how to use email Marketing to promote your music online.

I also simplified this post by creating a 10 videos series 3 course for any musician that wants to use email Marketing to promote your music online.

In that course I use an email marketing tool called Aweber.Aweber is my main email Marketing software that I use in the promotion of my music online. 

I use Aweber to host the contact data of email subscribers from my blog.  Anytime I need to release a new article blog post video, I use my email list to promote any announcements. 

Now when you're listening to this podcast you're probably sceptical …

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