E-bikes are so hot, Amazon is selling out – these are the best ones left [Video]

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It was an unexpected but ultimately positive outcome of the COVID19 pandemic: people everywhere are buying up e-bikes en masse. Whether for an affordable transportation alternative that gets commuters out of packed buses, or just for fun to ride around after spending weeks under lockdown, e-bike companies across the US are looking at empty warehouse shelves and frantically restocking as customers buy out the majority of their inventory.

And Amazon is no different; many popular e-bikes are conspicuously missing on the retail giant – but not all.

Some of our favorite Amazon e-bikes are MIA at the moment.

Remember that cool two-seater Fiido L2 e-bike we recently reviewed? It’s gone.

Same thing for the Rattan city “mountain” e-bike. Hasta la vista, baby.

The Super73-Z1 mini-bike style electric bike? That’s gone too.

There are dozens of other examples. So many of the awesome e-bikes we’ve reviewed and promoted after positive riding experiences are suddenly nowhere to be found on Amazon.

But if …

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