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Dual Side Responsive NavBAR menu with HTML CSS and Tweenmax js [Video]

Dual Side Responsive NavBAR menu with HTML CSS and Tweenmax js

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🚨 NEW COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT (Web Design: Becoming a Professional) [Video]

We're excited to launch a completely new Web Design course called Web Design: Becoming a Professional. Essentially this course is an upgrade from our 10K Web Design Process. In this video, I will walk you through the changes we made and everything included in the new course!If you're interested in joining, visit advantage of the special discount of $200 off on all courses - available until the end of the week-Timestamps:00:00 Introduction00:31 What is the difference between 10K Web Process to Web Design: Becoming Professional01:30 The Upgrade 02:20 Why did we create this course03:10 How the course is structured04:20 Projects in the course05:00 A review of one of our lessons07:00 The importance of Flux’s community08:46 BONUS: Free Platforma 2 kit09:30 Conclusion-Find me on other social media platforms:Instagram: & Book Recommendations: #freelancer #webdevelopment #business #entrepreneur Thanks for watching the video!

Website Design

The Best Freelance Website For Beginners 2021🔥 [Video]

The Best Freelance Website For Beginners 2021🔥If you are looking for the best developer or project manager in the world, then Toptal platform is the place where you are most likely to find your candidate. The filtering system of the questionnaires has been brought almost to perfection. I recommend that you also take a look at the Fiverr Pro subscription, thanks to which you can also choose from the best freelancers on the platform.Hiring a quality worker is vital to growing your business fast.That’s a lot easier said than done. Perhaps you don’t know the skills you need. Maybe the freelancer doesn’t finish their project on time. Or the freelancer can’t effectively handle clients.What if the freelance platform did the heavy lifting for you? What if the freelance marketplace vetted freelancers who don’t have the right skills? Then once they understand your project needs, they filter the freelance talent to make sure they have the background you want?For example, maybe you’re looking for a full-time, front-end software engineer who came from Google to make your iOS app look snazzy. Unlike Upwork, the Toptal team will help you source top-notch front-end developers from San Francisco to New York. They may find the best freelancing talent outside of the United States.