DropshipMe VS Oberlo for Dropshipping with AliExpress [Video]

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Ready to begin dropshipping products from AliExpress? You have a lot of options and Oberlo is a very popular one that works exclusively with Shopify. However, there is another dropshipping option called DropshipMe.

Although Oberlo has a free starter plan, you will still incur monthly software fees by using Shopify. With DropshipMe, you can create a free AliExpress dropshipping business using all free software.

I’ll explain exactly how that works below as I compare DropshipMe vs Oberlo.

Oberlo App with Shopify and AliExpress

You can open a dropshipping store easily when using Shopify and the Oberlo app. The Shopify platform is not a dropshipping store by default.

You need to install an app to handle the dropshipping and Oberlo is the most popular choice. With Oberlo, you are able to import products from AliExpress as well as Oberlo’s selected products.

Oberlo Only Works with Shopify

  • It is not uncommon for people to ask if Oberlo works with other platforms such as WordPress. …
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