Drone Tech: Must-Own Stocks Before Christmas [Video]

Holiday shopping is full speed ahead now … but with an America 2.0 spin.

Instead of packed stores and lines, it’s gone digital.

Nearly 86 million packages are going to be delivered every day to homes across the country.

But I’ve got my eyes on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And I see the innovation coming for this industry with one piece of tech — drones.

This opportunity is so big for you. The disruption for the e-commerce market is set to double by 2025 …. then QUADRUPLE by 2030.

Find out the best way to buy into the “last mile” drone deliveries … before it soars higher with America 2.0 this holiday shopping season:

The world is changing … FAST! That’s why I’m adding stocks for the technology and innovation behind America’s transformation.

Deliveries aren’t the only thing changing — upgrading to new-world digital — in the Fourth Industrial Revolution … home buying, how we communicate, doctor’s appointments.

With …

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