Drive Supply Chain Efficiency with Mobile Scanning [Video]

If you’ve recently completed a physical count, you’re probably already thinking about how to make it easier and more effective next year. That’s why we’re talking about mobile scanning on this episode and how it can drive efficiencies throughout your entire supply chain more (not just those pesky physical counts once a year). NetSuite product marketing manager, Abby Jenkins, joins us to dive in, starting off by noting the 44% increase in ecommerce we’ve seen over the past year and why manual processes just can’t handle that sort of influx (2:03). She explains how data inaccuracy and warehouse inefficiencies impacts your entire supply chain (3:08) and, ultimately, your customer experience (6:41). Then, she reveals the benefits of mobile scanning across data accuracy (12:25), inventory accuracy (13:51), order fulfillment (16:19) and quality control (18:13). She concludes with NetSuite’s mobile scanning support and, tied to the overall suite, how it provides real-time …
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