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What’s the latest digital marketing news for August? TikTok faces a ban after releasing TikTok for Business, Microsoft looked to get in on social media, Instagram rolled out Reels, and Facebook brushed off the month-long ads boycott.

Trump looks to ban TikTok

By now you’ve probably heard that President Trump is pushing to ban TikTok in the United States because of a potential security threat. While a ban is unlikely to happen, this news obviously impacts TikTok’s potential as an ad platform. Not only could users be scared off, but companies are now faced with choosing whether or not they want to be associated with a “threat to national security”. This narrative, of course, is based on TikTok’s Chinese ownership and the fear that the Chinese government could use the application to manipulate the masses, assert social control through misinformation, and mishandle user’s personal information.

Microsoft emerged as a front-runner to acquire TikTok

Another reason why TikTok will …

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