Do Out of Stock Product Views Hurt Conversion Rate on Shopify Stores? [Video]

A common question from many of our PRO customers:

“Do you know how many users are viewing out of stock products (or variants) on the site?”

The follow up is usually around conversion rate:

“Did they still convert during that session or are they exiting?

Levaring Elevar’s data layer…

+ one custom GA event tag

+ updating your existing product detail view tag

You can start tracking your own inventory performance to answer both questions!

How To Measure Conversion Rate for Out of Stock Views

This report will show you the conversion rate for users who view a product (or variant) that is out of stock during their session.

To create this report:

  • Import this Pre-Built Container from your Elevar dashboard
  • Add a custom metric to your GA property (see image below)
  • Add the custom metric to the product detail view tag and out of stock tag in GTM tag you just imported (see image below)
  • Create custom report in GA to track performance – click to …
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Coming Soon Products Marketing || Shopify App by SetuBridge [Video]

Get Free Trial - soon label for products & generate leads | Notify me Shopify app by setubridgeTable of contents:0:01 - Introduction0:04 - Industry statistics of pre-product launch marketing plan0:28 - App features0:46 - App premium features0:53 - The App helps to achieve success0:57 - Merchant received good profit using the app*Features*- Easy to configure the app- Add custom text for the “Notify Me” button- Keep customers data at a single place in the backend- Ready email template content to notify customers- Notify users if the product is available- Get complete analytical data information- Allows Google reCAPTCHA from avoiding bots to your website*Why Merchant should use Coming Soon Product App Features?*- Retaining customers is easy- Increase the recall value of your store- Get all details of the customer through email- Admin can notify customer individually- Adding a product is easy in the coming soon section- Admin can add a group or a specific product- Auto subscribe option to Customer for Newsletter- Adding Google reCAPTCHA to your site that keeps avoiding spam and abuse botsContact us for sales & support: us on social :Facebook : : :


Let me create your profitable Branded One Product Dropshipping Store on Shopify [Video]

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