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Diversity and Inclusivity in Content Marketing [Video]

Editor’s note: We’re sharing this diversity article originally published in January given its timeliness to current and important conversations.

A content marketer searches for a stock image to accompany a blog post titled The Top 10 Business Lessons Every Young Professional in Our Industry Should Know.

The first result for “business” appears:

Knowing the importance of diversity, the marketer scans the image.

  • Women? Check.
  • Men? Yes.
  • African Americans? Yes/probably.
  • Whites? Yes/probably.
  • Other minorities? Maybe.
  • Young people? Yes.
  • Middle-age or seniors? No.
  • Office workers? Yes.
  • Industrial workers? No.

Satisfied with the racial and gender mix and OK with the lack of age and worker-type diversity given the topic, the marketer includes the image with the article. Now, that’s an image that will appeal to the target audience and allow the post to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to diversity.

Not so fast. Truly diverse and inclusive content – the kind that resonates consciously and subconsciously with your audience – requires far more than an image. It …

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